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How to rename prefix all tables of the database, compatible with php 5.x and php 7.x

Thursday, 05 September 2013 23:32

Joomla SEF URL using Language Transliterate

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Joomla SEF URL using Language Transliterate
With Joomla 3.x
Edit below file
Root/libraries/joomla/language/transliterate.php (latin_transliterate.php - joomla 1.5; 2.5)
replace UTF8_LOWER_ACCENTS array to

Monday, 26 August 2013 22:38

SEF URL for K2 v2.6.7

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Current K2 v2.6.7 is not full support Sef url replacements to some languagues (ex: vietnamese) ! K2 v.2.6.3 full support SEF URL

admin suggest using other ext, I do not like at all, actually if using other ext I will return using Joomla Content not using K2.